Sunday, November 15, 2015

Free Hairpin Lace Baby Blanket Patterns

  One of the most important things about crocheting baby blankets of any type is that they have to be warm - after all that is the real purpose of their existence. The overwhelming majority of hairpin lace baby blanket patterns accomplish this easily because of their deep texture and an often tight weave that create pockets of warm air between baby and blanket that cannot escape.
  While good patterns of this type can be hard to come by at no cost, here are a few of the better ones to be found on the internet:

Kickin Crochet - This neat site offers a beautiful hairpin lace baby blanket that can be made with 3 skeins of soft yarn and a size H hook - you can view this here:

Bernat - An awesome hairpin lace baby blanket that measures 35 inches by 45 inches made with 4 skeins of yarn and a size G crochet hook found here:

Hairpin Lace Lap Afghan - While technically this isn't  a baby blanket it measures 48 inches by 60 inches and would most likely be good for a toddler or child under the age of 6 years:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hairpin Lace For Beginners

  A lot of people are more than a little intimidated when it comes to attempting their first hairpin lace project, and while it may appear to be mind-numbing on the surface it's really just like learning anything else in life - it takes time, dedication and patience. On the journey there will absolutely be moments of frustration and failure before the necessary skills can be mastered, but in the end most crochet enthusiasts will wonder why they waited so long to get started when they view their first successful project.

  Listed below are some wonderful tutorials in hairpin lace for beginners - there are many more available across the internet but these are a good starting point. Review each closely and chances are you'll pick up a few good pointers from each, easily more than enough information to get moving on the right path.

   Stitch Diva Studios -  This site offers an abundance of hairpin lace information ranging from tutorials to tips and trick and the right tools to use. The website can be found at

ALLFREECROCHET - This is a hairpin lace tutorial on more-or-less how to read a basic hairpin lace pattern. If you view the other resources on this page first you'll get this quickly and it will be very helpful. The link for this is

   This is an excellent video tutorial on beginner's hairpin lace that is well worth viewing several times. It's easy to understand, short and directly to the point.

This is another very good tutorial for those new to hairpin lace - it communicates a great deal of  information in under 6 minutes. Again, this is worth watching several times to follow and absorb the hand movements.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Free Hairpin Lace Doily Patterns

Filigree Doily
Five Hour Doily
Four Leaf Clover Doily
Frills Doily And Coaster
Give Thanks Doily
Grandmothers Legacy
Granny's Favorite
Grape Harvest Doily
Hairpin Lace Doily (Number 1)
Hairpin Lace Doily (Number 2)
Hairpin Lace Doily (Number 3)
Tatted Doily With Hairpin Lace

Free Hairpin Lace Stole Patterns

Easy Hairpin Lace Stole
Hairpin Lace Stole
Hairpin Lace Stole (Another)

Free Hairpin Lace Scarf Patterns

Crochet Hairpin Lace Scarf
Daffodil Lace Scarf
Flamingo Hairpin Lace Scarf
Hairpin Lace Crochet Scarf
Hairpin Lace & Flowers Scarf
Hairpin Lace Hat And Scarf
Hairpin Lace Infinity Scarf
Hairpin Lace Neck Scarf
Holcomb Farm Scarf
Long Leaf Hairpin Lace Scarf
Tressa Hairpin Lace Scarf